How are we different?

“We are a boutique criminal law firm committed to delivering just outcomes”

Our lawyers are compassionate and understanding. We appreciate that most clients only engage a lawyer when they are in “trouble” and we believe it is important that our lawyers are available at all times to help alleviate any stress associated with the criminal justice system. This means that we are available to discuss your matters at most times and we will always provide you with sound and timely advice. We do not charge our clients for ongoing conferences because we believe it is important that our clients know and understand the process. We offer advice and assistance in relation to all criminal matters, and regularly liaise with police on behalf of our clients including accompanying clients to police stations for interviews.

More about us

Matthew White and Associates has been based in the inner city of Melbourne for over 15 years, and has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality legal representation nationwide. Our Principal has extensive experience across all Melbourne Courts. He is committed to doggedly pursuing his clients’ interests and puts particular value in making sure his clients have a clear understanding of their rights throughout proceedings. MWA operates exclusively in the area of criminal law. Our ethos is simple—communication is paramount. We are approachable, accountable and always available to respond to our clients needs. Preparation is essential and from the moment we take on a case, our objective is to empower our clients. We provide detailed advice and undertake extensive conferencing with each client so they understand the process. Whether a client is defending a murder charge, or seeking to avoid losing a driver’s licence, we are committed to achieving the best possible outcome. Importantly, we provide continuity of legal representation and in most cases the lawyer who you first meet will handle your case until its completion. It is essential that our clients have a strong rapport with the individual lawyer handling their case as we understand that the criminal justice system can be stressful and frustrating. The lawyers at MWA represent clients charged with offences that are heard in all courts, such as the Children’s Court, Magistrates’ Court, County Court and Supreme Court. We also conduct appeals to the Court of Appeal and High Court of Australia. Our lawyers also appear as advocates on your behalf in the Magistrates’ Court and County Courts throughout Victoria. MWA also engage experienced Barristers to appear in trials and Supreme Court matters, and work with some of the most respected Queen’s Counsel in the State.