Frequently Asked Questions

I have to go to court

Just because you have been charged with a criminal offence does not mean you are a criminal. It is important that your matter has the least possible impact on your life. We can help you through this process including properly advising you, preparing your matter and representing you at court.

The police want to speak to me

Dealing with police can sometimes be an intimidating experience. It is essential that you engage a lawyer who can effectively advocate on your behalf. For example, the police may want you to attend the station for an interview. It is important that you talk to a lawyer first. We will contact the police on your behalf and arrange to accompany you to the station. We will also advise you of your rights during the interview and tell you what is required from you if you are being investigated by the police.

Someone I know has been arrested

If someone you know has been arrested and taken into custody by the police it is essential that you talk to us as soon as possible about making a bail application.

This is my first offence

If you have been charged with a minor offence by the police and have not previously been before the courts, you may qualify for the Diversion Process. This will guarantee that you do not have any criminal record. Our lawyers are experienced in negotiating with the police to have your matter proceed to Diversion, and this option can be discussed with you when you meet with us.

My driver’s licence is at risk

The law in relation to driving offences is complex and ever changing. In particular, some areas of the law in relation to drink driving require significant legal expertise. We are able to advise you properly about the likelihood of loss of licence and of the appropriate penalties that will apply to your matter.

I want you to obtain an intervention order

You may need the protection of an Intervention Order. It is important that you talk to a solicitor to discuss your rights and obligations. We can advise you of the process of obtaining an order and represent you in court. If have been served with an Intervention Order, we can advise you how to respond. If you have been charged with breaching an intervention order then it is imperative that you ring our office to make an appointment to talk to a solicitor as soon as possible.

I want to appeal a court decision

If you are dissatisfied with being convicted of an offence or have received a sentence that you feel is excessive then you have the right to appeal your matter to a higher court. Our firm is able to assist you with lodging an appeal, however it is essential that you act immediately given the time frames outlined below. Please contact our office as soon as possible to make an appointment to discuss your options with a solicitor.

  • Matters determined in the Magistrate’s Court must be appealed to the County Court within 30 days, although exceptions apply.
  • Matters determined in the County Court or Supreme Court must be appealed to the Court of Appeal (Supreme Court) within 14 days, although exceptions apply.

Do I qualify for legal aid funding?

Although we are a private law firm we are also members of the Victoria Legal Aid panel and accept matters that attract funding from the State Government. The guidelines for matters that qualify for this funding are very strict and put simply, if you are not on government benefits you may not qualify for government funding for your matter. Eligibility is assessed on a case by case basis and can be discussed further with you at your first appointment. Victoria Legal Aid has its own website that outlines in detail all the information with regards to government funding for legal matters.