How can we help you?

“We offer vast experience, astute judgement and practical solutions”

We are experts in the Criminal Law. As you will appreciate, the criminal law is a vast area. The following are examples of some of the areas in which we have expertise:

  • Murder, manslaughter and culpable driving
  • Driving Offences: including drink and drug driving, driving whilst disqualified or unlicensed
  • White collar crime: including theft, fraud, deception, money laundering and conspiracy
  • Drug Offences: including importation, trafficking, cultivation use and possess
  • Centrelink fraud
  • Intentionally or recklessly causing injury, assault and stalking
  • Burglary, theft, obtaining property by deception, trespass
  • Armed robbery or robbery
  • Sexual offences: including rape and indecent assaults
  • Intervention orders: including breaches, variations and cancellations
  • Extradition both international and interstate

What are the costs likely to be?

We understand that using a lawyer can be costly and therefore we offer reasonable fees. In most cases our fees are fixed and we do not charge our clients until we have discussed the likely costs with them. Our fee structure will be outlined in writing to you prior to the commencement of any work on your matter by one of our lawyers.

Expert legal advice

Our role requires that our criminal lawyers negotiate effectively with the Police and Court Prosecutors. Sometimes this may mean that we come into conflict with our adversaries. We are not on their side, we are on the side of our clients. Our roles involve our lawyers attending police interviews with clients, acting as intermediaries between the police and clients, and of course, vigorously advocating on behalf of our clients at Court.  Going to court can be stressful and intimidating, but you can rest assured that when you attend any Melbourne Court with our criminal lawyers, you will be part of a strong, committed team.

Our firm has acted on behalf of a number of high profile individuals called to be witnesses in the Trade Union Royal Commission which commenced sitting in 2014. Our role has been to protect the interests of our clients who have affiliations with prominent trade unions. This work has required our lawyers to digest a large volume of detailed evidence and work closely with senior Barristers in advocating on behalf of our clients. Our practitioners have instructed Counsel in proceedings in Melbourne and Sydney and provided ongoing advice and support as required. This work demands a forensic attention to detail and a capacity to work in a collegial manner with various stakeholders.